About me

Just enrolled on the Photography Expressing Your Vision module (Oct 2014).  My first module in what will hopefully culminate in a degree sometime in the future. My ambition for this course is to learn what I don’t know (which is probably a lot).

I am really interested in the image.  I see the camera as a means to an end rather than the main event.  Perhaps at heart I am a failed artist and I use the camera to overcome my total inability and ineptitude to draw and paint.

I am comfortable with camera and darkroom techniques.  Experienced in home processing and darkroom techniques (B&W and colour).  Worked in a camera shop on Saturdays from the age of 14 to 21.  Have O level, A level and City & Guilds 923 in Photography (showing my age here) and also hold an LRPS.

At about 18 I had the chance to go into photography professionally however I did not want to spend my whole life taking pictures of weddings.  Not only that my career path in computing was far more lucrative and has kept many a wolf from the door.

For various reasons (work, family etc.) my photography went right to the bottom of the priority list.  Only just recently it was kick started when a friend bought me a travel photography book.  In effect that was the catalyst that lead to the OCA enrolment.

While based in England I do travel extensively for work with my current assignment in Switzerland.  Sounds grandiose but in reality it is not, as it limits the amount of time for personal life activities.  However somehow I will mange.

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