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Exercise 2.6

The purpose of this exercise was to use combination of wide apertures, long focal lengths and close viewpoints to take a number of photographs with shallow depth of field with the proviso to compose the out-of-focus parts of the picture together with the main subject.

Again this was one of those exercises I cannot say that I was excited about the brief, probably as I could not envisage the images ahead of time.  However once I started I felt myself on a roll and probably took too many pictures.  For consistency all the images were taken in two sessions on the same day so the lighting conditions remained reasonably constant.

What I liked about this exercise is that I have never really used my telephoto at the far end 180mm to 210mm to take images that compositionally used an out of focus element to the image.  I usually use the lens in the traditional way of bringing the subject nearer on a flat plane.  That is nothing else interfering with the image, and to add a little flattening.


Typical long focus shot I would have taken to bring the distance in and flatten the features.

What I did find with a number of pictures there was a slight overlap with the depth of field task in Exercise 2.5 where there was no real middle ground in the photo to show the transition through the depth of field.

For these pictures I have decided to represent the images in black and white as I do not believe the colour adds anything to the depth of field I have decided to remove.

Overall I am pleased with the final result especially so as I would have never taken these images otherwise.

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