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Exercise 2.7

The purpose of this exercise was to use a combination of small apertures and wide lens to take a number of photographs exploring deep depth of field.

After completing Exercise 2.6, I was looking forward to taking these because with this brief I envisage the images ahead of time.  Using a 16mm fixed lens, ISO 200, and f22 meant that there would be great depth of field but as it said in the text the exposure time may well be slow.  To be flexible and mobile I did not take a tripod with me and hoped that by bracing myself against something this would be enough to steady myself.  The day however was very grey and dull and the exposures were much slower than I thought.  Previewing on the screen in situ they looked OK but back in Lightroom on a large screen slight movement could be seen and as a result they looked slightly blurred and out of focus. As a result I shot some images the next day to complete the set.  In fact the weather was even worse and even more dull.  For this day I used my zoom at 18mm and again they were braced handheld images.  Some of the exposure times ran into seconds.

I found the exercise interesting for a number of reasons

  1. Finding a subject in an urban environment to a continuous give deep depth of field through the whole picture proved more difficult than expected. Foreground and background were never a problem, it was finding a scene with the appropriate middle ground.
  2. Never having really work with a wide angle lens I actually found it difficult to compose. I was seeing in ‘normal vision’ and it took me a while to adjust my visualising and seeing to be in wide angle.  I think that this is much harder than seeing in telephoto.
  3. Being that wide the vertical near the edge bend in and curve. This is only the lens effect but I did find this off putting in the composition.

Over all I am happy that the pictures answer the question but would not consider the subject matter the most exciting.

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